SECONDS - Colourwork Jumpers - orange and beige - hand built pottery mug

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS MUG IS A "SECONDS". All seconds mugs have a slight flaw that does not interfere with their function. The photo of the flaw is in the 2nd photo as clearly as I can capture it, and will be described below. As SECONDS, these are reduced in cost by 10-50%.   You can see the reduction by comparing to the "compare at" box, which lists the original price. By purchasing this mug, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the flaw and accept the price accordingly. 

Flaw:  Although this mug is rather round, the rim is more oval than my usual mugs.  This is not unusal with handbuilt (rather than wheel thrown) pottery. The result is that this mug looks a tiny bit barrel-shaped instead of cylindrical. See pictures 2, and 3 (very difficult to photograph as it is only noticeable when you move the mug around).p

This listing is for ONE hand built pottery mug, perfect for your morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Generously proportioned with a spacious handle, this mug comfortably holds 1 3/4 cups of or cold.

Microwave safe, it could even handle a "cake in a mug". 
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
Oven safe if you want to bake something special in it.

This hand build mug has been stamped with a pair of colourwork jumpers (stamps are my own design). There are 2 sweaters on each mug: each underglazed with beige and orange.  The mugs have been glazed in a clear glaze for a smooth, shiny finish. The seam is finished in my signature seam of a series of impressed dots.

Please note that the exact placement and colour of sweaters varies from mug to mug and may differ from the sample in the photos.

Dimensions: Roughly 4" tall, 3 1/4" diameter.

Please note: These mugs are all individually hand made and may differ slightly from the images shown. Because they are hand built, they are not perfectly smooth and round. The exact shape of each mug varies, which is all part of their charm.  

Although I try my best to capture the colours most accurately, colours may appear slightly different on your monitor.