Planters - nesting set of three - hand built pottery - green stockinette

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Each set of planters includes 3 handmade, hand built, hand carved/stamped  vessels (they are not thrown on a wheel, or poured in a mold) that nest inside each other if not in use.

Each piece in this set has been stamped with a different repeating stockinette stitch design, scaled to fit each pot.  All three have been underglazed in a pale green, shiny glaze to show off the texture.  The seam is finished with the same scalloped edge pattern as my "signature" mugs.

As with all of my pottery pieces, the bottom 1/8" or so of each vessel remains unglazed, but has been sanded as smooth as possible to protect your surfaces. 

All dimensions are approximate, as each piece is hand built and differs slightly.

Small Planter:  Height: roughly 3";  interior diameter of roughly 2 3/8"; fits one of the tiny succulent plastic planter pots from a plant nursery.

Medium Planter:  Height: roughly 3 1/4" - 3 3/8"; interior diameter of roughly 2 7/8"; fits a #2.5 planter pot.

Large Planter:  Height: roughly 3 5/8" - 3 3/4"; interior diameter of roughly 3 5/8"; fits a #3.8 planter pot.

I have designed the complete set so that they can be stored tidily, one inside the other, when not in use.

-they can be used all together in a grouping of plants.

-they can be split apart and given as individual gifts.

-they can be used as planters, notions holders, vases, to store and organize office supplies.

-they are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and oven safe if you decide to use them as serving dishes.

Please note: due to the entirely handmade aspect of this set, each set is unique. They are not perfectly round as you would find in wheel thrown pieces.  I believe that is all part of their charm.

I have tried my best to capture the colours as true-to-life as possible, however, please note that each monitor/screen differs and the colours may not appear exactly as on your screen.