Mushroom Collection - Set 2 - Chanterelles

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This listing is for one set of 6 chanterelle-style mushrooms.  There are three smaller peachy-orange mushrooms and 3 larger brown mushrooms in this set.

This particular set ranges from roughly 1 3/4" to 2 1/2" tall. The small ones are glazed in a shiny light orange/ peachy glaze.  The larger ones are glazed with "oatmeal", a partly matte, partly shiny glaze that pools in the gills under the cap.   

A perfect set of ornaments for a woodland themed Christmas tree, they can also be left up year-round or used for non-seasonal decorations for any occasion.

The ornaments are hollow inside (made in pieces, then joined).  They range in weight from 20 to 30 grams.  They are strung with a cotton cord through a hole in the top and stem.  There is a wooden bead strung on the cord to help keep the mushrooms vertical since they are so flared at the top.  The cords are removable if you wish to change them out to match your own decor.

Please note: these mushrooms are individually hand made and glazed.  They are not made from a mold, and have hand made characteristics.  I try my hardest to capture the true colour of the items in photographs, but please be aware that colours may appear different on each monitor/screen.