2021 Solstice Stars Set

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This is my third annual count-down calendar, but my first one for Solstice.  My hope is that it will become an heirloom piece for you and your family to enjoy for generations.  I have intentionally made it an all-season collection that you can leave out year round if you choose to.  It comes packaged in a round cookie tin for safe storage if you choose to pack it away for the year and make a tradition out of pulling it out for solstice year after year.

Each calendar will include 22 handmade, hand built stars (because sometimes Solsticeis on the 21st and sometimes the 22nd pieces.  Each piece has been carefully cut, washed, and sanded. Some are stamped and underglazed and then finished in a shiny clear glaze to showcase both the natural clay colour and the painted features.  Some are just smooth and finished with a tinted glaze.  Glaze is on the front only.  The back and sides of each piece have been carefully sanded to make them smooth as butter, but they are not glazed on the back.

Each star is strung with a length of thin cotton cord.  I have varied the lengths to make a nice display if they are strung together on a branch, but you can easily cut them down to all be the same length if you want to use them as ornaments on a tree.  Alternatively, you could change the cording out for fishing line or invisible thread (not included) if your display requires a more "floating in space" kind of look.

This countdown calendar is not a surprise.  Each piece is not individually wrapped.  You can choose which piece you pull out each day, or you can set up the whole calendar right at the beginning of the season as you prepare for the winter solstice.

The stars range in size from roughly 1 1/4" to 2 3/4".  The whole collection will fit on a branch about 18" in length, for hanging, used as ornaments on a small tabletop solsctice tree, strung across a length of string across a window, or broken up into little groups spread around your home.  I hope you feel free to play around with your display as you progress throughout the month and more pieces are added.

I love this collection, and I hope you will too. 

Please note: due to the entirely handmade aspect of this set, each set is unique. as there will be variation in size and colour from one calendar to the next. 

The advent calendars will ship in September to ensure they arrive in time for advent, even with potential postal delays.