Pattern - Charlotta the Fourth Socks Knitting Pattern - digital download

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PATTERN for Charlotta the Fourth Socks - Pattern only.

This pattern is a pdf file.

These socks were inspired by Lily-of-the-valley, bluebells, and fields running rampant with wildflowers. Flowers always remind me of Anne of Green Gables and the complete rapture she found in her outdoor adventures. As this is my fourth sock pattern, I thought “Charlotta the Fourth” would be a perfectly fitting name for such a Green Gables inspired project. Of course, I had to knit my sample in blue, reminiscent of Charlotta’s signature blue hair ribbons.

The small amount of colourwork on these socks makes this a very beginner-friendly pattern for adventurous sock knitters looking to try their first colourwork sock.

There are 3 sizes available in this pattern, each with its own chart. You can choose your size based on your preferred stitch count, or you can choose the chart you like the best and change your needle size/gauge to alter the size.

The chart is given for a cluster of 6 flowers (in 3 pairs). Instructions are included for shortening the cuff to 4 flowers (in 2 pairs - as pictured) to accomodate for preferred leg length.

If you choose to knit your socks as fraternal twins (altering the MC/CC on each sock), 50g skeins of fingering weight yarn in each of two colours should suffice for most socks up to women’s size 9. Larger sizes may require a contrasting/complimentary heel, toe, cuff.
If you choose to knit 2 identical socks (keeping the MC/CC the same on both socks), larger sizes will require more than 50g of the background colour (depending on the length of the leg).

Approximate Yardage (please note this will depend on the size needles you use, your tension, and the length you knit your leg):
Women’s size 6: 320 yds total
Women’s size 7: 350 yds total
Women’s size 8: 390 yds total
Women’s size 9: 430 yds total
Longer sizes can still be made using 50 g balls if the heels, toes, and cuffs are knit using a mini in a complimentary/contrasting colour.